Report: Teacher piled 11 students, including 2 in the trunk, in car on snack trip to Walmart

CATOOSA, Okla. -- A middle school teacher was fired from her job recently when she drove 11 students -- including two in a latched trunk -- to Walmart for a snack, reports.

Heather Cagle was terminated from her job at Wells Middle School following a six-hour long due-process hearing last week. The Catoosa school board voted 4-1 to fire her.

According to, the math and yearbook instructor who had been with the school for 10 years decided to take students to Walmart for snacks on Oct. 23. Saying she was doing "something sweet,"Cagle piled 11 students in her Honda Accord, placing two in the front seat, seven in the back seat and two 12-year-old girls in the trunk.

The group traveled to Walmart, bought food, and returned. Two of Cagle's students were left at school during the trip.

Teachers in the Catoosa School District are required to obtain signed parental--guardian permission slips before transporting kids off campus, something Cagle did not do, reports.

Cagle had around 50 supporters at her termination hearing.