Report: Pantless man grabbed middle school girl, tried to drag her into car

SEATTLE -- Police are looking for a man who reportedly whistled at a middle school girl, grabbed her arm and tried to drag her into his car while his pants were down.

On Wednesday morning, a female student at Whitman Middle School was about a block away from the school in 9200 block of 15th Avenue Northwest in Greenwood when she was approached by a man in a silver, four-door sedan. According to a letter sent to parents by Seattle Public Schools, the man whistled at the girl. He then grabbed her arm and tried to pull the student into the car.

Luckily, the girl was able to run away and make it to school. She immediately reported the attack to the school's assistant principal, who notified police. No suspects were located.

School officials said the man had his pants down at the time of the attack.

Administrators said the girl did everything she could to fend off the man.

"Our student did everything right," administrators said. "Immediately getting away from the stranger, and reporting the incident to the school, to the police and to her parents."

Anyone who knows about or spotted this attack is encouraged to call 911. School officials also reminded children to walk to school in groups, and avoid talking to strangers in cars.

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