Report: Courier loses 40 ACTS tests taken at high school in Everett

EVERETT, Wash. -- Dozens of local students took the ACT exam in June, but now the test company says their tests were lost in the mail.

According to The Everett Herald, 40 students' tests never made it to Iowa, where the company that administers the ACT is located.

The took the college entrance exam on June 8 at Everett's Mariner High School.

An ACT spokesperson said the test coordinator delivered the package to FedEx and was given a tracking number. The students were notified more than nine weeks after taking the tests that they were lost.

FedEx says it is investigating.

The 40 students, meanwhile, are getting a refund and have been registered for the next test date at no cost.

But that's like being "back at ground zero," upset parents told The Herald.

“That’s the least of our worries,” Brad Greenfield, a parent, told the newspaper. “These are tied to monetary awards, college scholarships and things like that. It kind of puts kids under the gun to have really kind of one shot at it, which is what we were hoping to avoid.”