Report: Boeing gearing up to move 787 production out of Everett

Sources inside Boeing say the company is "all but certain" to consolidate its 787 productions in South Carolina, according to a report from Reuters.

Boeing said earlier this summer that it was studying what such a move could look like. 

According to some aviation experts, they believe it's a done deal. 

"Bad times ahead for an uncertain period," said aviation expert Scott Hamilton of Leeham News. 

According to Hamilton, the decison comes as no surprise either.

"In a second quarter earnings call, CEO David Calhoun was going to start studying that prospect with consolidating into one location. And I along with many others believe that it would be in Charleston," he said. 

When asked about the relationship the aviation giant has with the state, some said that may have been a factor as well. 

"To say there's a strained relationship, Sure, it might be strained.  But I highly doubt that anyone in the state of Washington wants to see Boeing wither away as a company or move away to another state," said Todd Curtis, aviation expert with

It is unclear how many jobs would be affected. But plane production would be, if Boeing decides to move Dreamliner operations to South Carolina. There is doubt that other planes built in Everett can pick up operational costs at the facility. 

"You have the 777 at a minimal rate of two a month, you have the 767 freighter and the KC-46A, which is based on the 767 being built up there at three a month," said Hamilton

In response, Snohomish County officials launched a public campaign to convince the company to keep the production line here

Now, Reuters is reporting that an announcement will likely be made in late October when Boeing next reports earnings.

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There is a big push to keep the jobs here. 

"For every one direct job, you have three to four indirect jobs that go away," said Hamiton.

When asked about the possible move, Boeing gave the following statement to Q13 News:

"We will prudently evaluate the most efficient way to build airplanes, including studying the feasibility of consolidating 787 production in one location. We are engaging with our stakeholders, including the unions, as we conduct this study. We will take into account a number of factors and keep an eye on future requirements as we think through the long-term health of our production system. Boeing remains committed to Washington state and South Carolina. We understand that our employees have questions and we will communicate details, including any potential workforce impact, as soon as possible."