Repeat offender back in jail, leaders vow progress happening

SEATTLE – One of King County’s most prolific re-offenders is yet again cycling through the justice system.

Francisco Calderon has been in and out of jail dozens of times and he’s back in jail again just days after being walking away from a treatment facility.

While Calderon refused to leave his jail cell to face a judge Friday morning, it wouldn’t be the first time he was in legal trouble.

Calderon has been convicted more than 70 times. Only days ago, a judge released him from jail to enter into an inpatient treatment program. But he didn’t last long before he was re-arrested.

Calderon is just one of 100 listed in the ‘System Failure Report’ commissioned by the city’s business community which highlights those who cycle in and out of the justice system.

In response, the executive and prosecuting offices from both the city and county have vowed to make sure cases like Calderon’s, and others found incompetent to face trial, don’t end up back in jail without help.

“Just yesterday the elected officials in that group met,” said Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. “(We’re) looking at that gap between people who are released because they are not competent to stand trial but don’t meet the criteria of having involuntary commitments.”

City and county officials are working on a four-point pilot program meant to tackle a series of barriers.

Legislators are also working on ways to increase involuntary commitments from 72 hours to several days.