Renton woman's video of brazen package theft goes viral

RENTON, Wash. -- Package thefts are an all-too-common occurrence. They're happening in every neighborhood, and you might've even experienced it yourself.

A Renton woman is taking action on social media after becoming a victim of package theft, hoping to shame the suspect one share at a time.

Surveillance cameras show what happened clear as day: a woman parks a red vehicle in Iryna Hancharova's driveway, walks up her front steps and takes her package. Next thing you know, she's back in the car and driving away with Iryna's delivery, skincare items valued at around $100.

"I checked the porch and there is no box, and then I checked the website and USPS says 'delivered.' And I check again the porch, and then I decided to check the camera's videos," Hancharova said.

That's when she saw the woman stealing her package from her front doorstep.

"It looks like she knows what she's doing, probably not the first time," she said.

While the King County Sheriff's Office investigates, it's a violation and a sense of frustration so many can relate to. Porch pirates strike in every neighborhood, it really is a crime of opportunity.

"I think that everybody has similar stories," Hancharova said.

Knowing that, Iryna decided to share the surveillance video on Facebook. She was shocked to discover it's been shared over 20,000 times.

"I appreciate that people are trying to help," she said. "Because we work hard for things, we are paying for that."

Iryna says she feels grateful for the support on social media from people who are simply fed up with package thieves. She's encouraging friends and neighbors to install their own surveillance cameras and make sure they're positioned just right to capture any potential predators.

Anyone with information on the person in the surveillance images is asked to contact the King County Sheriff's Office.