Renton police warning of email scam about speeding citations

Renton police are warning the public of an ongoing scam that claims you are being cited for a speeding ticket or for running a red light. 

According to the department, you could get an email with a link that indicates you can view video of your violation, pay your ticket or contest the violation with the court. 

The email may contain convincing details, including street names and speed limits in areas you regularly drive, police said. It may even record a date or time when you know you were crossing through the intersection, making the claim very convincing. 

"This data is often stolen through compromised or malicious malware attached to some traffic apps.  Yes, really - that app on your phone could be providing information to scammers who then try and use that to their advantage.  These scams can be tougher to spot because cities will commonly contract their camera enforcement services to a third party.  So, some may assume it is reasonable that they would not recognize the email address the notice came from.  Complicating matters, the scammers may try to use an email address that sounds official by using 'gov' or 'deptoftransportation', etc.," Renton police said on Facebook

Legitimate traffic camera violation notices are always mailed, never emailed. 

If you get an email like this, do not click the link. 

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