Renton Police warn of a scammer impersonating an officer

Police are warning the public of a phone call scam circulating the area where the caller impersonates an officer and asks for money. 

According to The Renton Police Department (RPD), they have received reports of a caller identifying themselves as Sgt. Rutledge. The caller provides a badge number and caller ID shows up as Renton Police Department. RPD says they do have a Cmdr. Rutledge working for the department, but this is a scam. RPD will not call about warrants, missing jury duty or not paying tickets. 

Authorities say the man on the other end of the phone told a potential victim she had two warrants for missing jury duty, and said she could have them dismissed if she paid $750 for each one. The man then said payments could be made through Apple Pay, Zelle or Venmo. The caller even transferred her to another man who tried to convince her to pay.

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Fortunately, she became suspicious and texted her brother who knew a police officer to ask. The officer responded saying it was in fact a scam, and she hung up. 

Authorities are asking the public to stay vigilant and if anyone receives one of these calls, hang up. Do not give them any information or pay them anything. 

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Anyone who is skeptical on the validity of these phone calls can always call the RPD or call the courts to verify at 425-430-7500.