Raw Video: Man smashes windows of LAPD patrol car, steals laptop

By Samantha SchaeferLos Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES -- It took all of Hollywood’s crime fighters to stop a man Tuesday as he broke the windows of four LAPD patrol cars.

Wielding a metal rod, the man smashed all the windows except the windshields of four cruisers near Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue around 1 p.m., said LAPD Officer Bruce Borihanh.

Raw video of the incident, shot by a KTLA photographer working in the area, shows someone dressed as Darth Vader holding a light saber and pointing at passersby as the man swings the rod into the window of a car behind him. It shows some people staring as they walk past the car.

The oblivious Vader stops and looks on as the man pulls a laptop from the car and takes it to a kiosk, where he opens it. Then the super-villain walks away from the scene. Perhaps the force was too strong with that one?

The video later shows the man on the ground surrounded by police with someone in a Superman costume standing nearby. He was arrested without incident, Borihanh said.

No other information about the suspect or his motive was available, he said.