Rare white orca among dozens of whales spotted around Puget Sound

SEATTLE -- Whale-watchers who have braved the chillier fall weather in search of orca sightings got a real treat over the weekend.

Island Adventures Whale Watching tells Q13 that October has been full of orca sightings throughout the region, including Tl'uk, a white orca calf that's known for his unusually light coloration.  He is not albino, but something in his genes makes him look different than his family. His name means "moon" in Coast Salish language.

Tl'uk was part of a large group of nearly 40 transient, mammal-eating orcas that came into the Strait of Juan de Fuca between Port Angeles and Victoria on Saturday.

While Bigg’s killer whales typically travel in small family groups of 4-7 animals, Capt. Carl Williams of Island Adventures Whale Watching reported at least 30 individuals spread out over several miles.

There was also a group of about 20 southern resident orcas from the J pod in Puget Sound all weekend in front of Seattle. Their presence briefly delayed ferry service near Elliot Bay. As of Sunday morning, the Southern Residents were still in Puget Sound near Edmonds.