Rampant mold uncovered inside refrigerators at Walmart in Tacoma

TACOMA -- A news tip led Q13 FOX investigators to moldy shelves at the Walmart store in Tacoma.

An employee sounded the alarm weeks ago, but he says store management wouldn’t clean up the mold.

On Tuesday shoppers reacted to what our undercover cameras captured inside.

“It’s disgusting,” shopper Craig Richardson said.

Filthy shelves and grime and even human hair in the refrigerators where customers grab milk, juice and eggs.

“Oh my gosh that’s terrible,” shopper Mary Mastro said.

But it's even worse in the back where employees stock the shelves an area shoppers can’t easily see.

Q13 FOX wanted to know what the possible health hazards could be. We snapped pictures on our cell phone and sent them to the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department to get some answers.

“That is mold, that's mold,” Food Safety Supervisor Katie Lott said.

Q13 FOX News spoke to a Walmart worker who wants to remain anonymous.

“It disgusts me -- I don’t buy milk or juice there it's because of that,” worker said.

He says he complained to the store management in early May about the dirty conditions but they never cleaned it up.

The health department says since the milk cartons are sealed, it's not likely the food will be contaminated, but the mold shouldn't be there.

"That's not acceptable because all food contact surfaces and storage needs to be smooth and easily cleanable,” Lott said.

“I will not buy Walmart milk from your store anymore clean up your act please,” Mastro said.

Walmart now says it will clean up its mess.

After we contacted them and showed them our pictures, a spokesperson gave us this statement:

“We are dedicated to improving the store experience for our customers, and this does not meet the high standards we have set. We have thoroughly cleaned all shelves and we will work to ensure this doesn't happen again.”

If you have a complaint, the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department says they investigate every report they get. Your tip can remain anonymous.