Rain and high winds cause flooding, power outages in Skagit County

HAMILTON, Wash. -- Saturday, people in Skagit County dealt with the effects of heavy rain and high winds.

Flooded streets and power outages were problems.

The county reported South Street in Hamilton flooded, and people who live on the street were asked to evacuate.

“You just don’t come to Hamilton unless you’re ready to deal with water,” said Michael Parker.

Parker lives off of South Street. He says not only did streets flood, but he dealt with power outage.

“It just makes it interesting: people pull together and meet at people's houses and do this and do that," he said. "It’s a challenging time, but it's a time to help each other," he added.

The county reported at least 2,800 PSE customers were without power at points during the day.

The American Red Cross opened a shelter for any members of the community in need of services at Lyman Elementary School.

“I’ve got two phones charging, two battery packs charging, and I’m hoping for a hot coffee,” said Cole Wegleitner.

Wegleitner lives in Cape Horn. He says the power went out around 5 p.m. Friday evening. He didn’t plan on staying at the shelter but was happy it was open so he could get other things he needed.

“We’re here for hot meals, you just want to plug in, charge your phones, that’s fine. Anybody is welcome,” said Sue Hibma with the Red Cross.

Up the road from the shelter, crews worked into the night trying to prevent the Skagit River from eroding more of the coast.

“We’re protecting the road and utilities from falling into the river,” said Brian Stenehjen, civil engineer with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Crews planned to work through the night until Monday trying to maintain the erosion.

The Skagit River crested in Concrete Saturday evening.

It is expected to crest in Mount Vernon Sunday morning.