Railroad tie hurled at police car in Bellingham, shattering windshield

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  (Bellingham Police Department)

Bellingham Police say two officers escaped serious injury over the weekend when someone hurled a railroad tie at the windshield of their patrol car.

According to police, the two officers were driving on Lincoln St. near Fraser St. around 4:30 a.m. Saturday when they saw a man hunched over. Just a moment later, that person threw a 25-pound piece of railroad into the air which slammed into the window of the patrol car.

The officers called for backup and said the man who threw the object would not comply. Officers were eventually able to take him into custody.

Police said the man claimed he did not know it was a police car that he had hit.

The officers had glass shards in their hair, mouths, skin and uniforms. Nobody was seriously hurt.

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"His behavior is a clear danger to the community and we are lucky our officers (or anyone else) were not seriously hurt. This man has been contacted by BPD 26 times this year, with 15 arrests (including this last one.) He also had 8 warrants for his arrest, for which he was booked," police wrote in a news release. "We are so grateful our officers were not seriously injured during the reckless and dangerous actions of the suspect."