Racist message targets Seattle church as rallies supporting Asian-Americans continue

Seattle Police are investigating a racist message that was left behind in a church parking lot.

It was discovered Monday morning at the International Full Gospel Fellowship in the Pinehurst neighborhood. 

The message used an expletive before the word "China" and right next to it said, "U will pay."

Members of the church said they believe it’s a hate crime and said it’s the fourth incident like this one since January.

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"It’s so uncomfortable and it’s pretty annoying. We don’t know what the motivation behind it is... It just said bad words and "F" China. It doesn’t make sense," said Anastasia Antonius.

Church leaders are now installing security cameras and hiring security guards to protect its members.

A spokesperson with Seattle Police said the case is now in the hands of the biased crimes detective who will determine if this is a biased crimes incident.

This weekend, supporters of the Asian American Pacific Islander community held rallies in Seattle and Maple Valley.

On Monday, activists gathered again at Renton City Hall to voice their concerns and condemn hate against Asian Americans.

"How can I not feel anger when elderly Asian people are being abused across the nation for no other reason than they are being scapegoated because of the virus?" said Anson Huang, a rally organizer.

Seattle Police report 14 incidents of Anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020, an increase of about 55% from the previous year’s numbers.

In King County, officials report 59 total hate crimes in the year 2020. The previous year had a total of 39.

"We have to stand together when hate comes in any form. Whether you’re talking about hating Asians, whether you’re talking about hating Blacks, whether you’re talking about hating Hispanics. We’re all in this together and we need to stand together," said Joseph Todd, the Deputy Chief Technology Officer of King County.

"This is key, core to everyone’s issue, that hate has no place. It means that we cannot allow our elected officials to continue to do what they’re doing. Being too comfortable, and not understanding what the people’s struggle is about," said Kim-Khanh Van, Renton City Council member.

Organizers of the rally said they’ll continue to protest until their voices are heard.

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