QFC, Fred Meyer cash-back surcharge roils customers

SEATTLE -- With ATM fees at an all-time high, consumers are turning to cash-back options at grocery stores and pharmacies as a way to avoid the increasing cost of getting cash.

But if you're getting cash back at a Kroger-owned store - like QFC or Fred Meyer - you'll have to pay a fee.

Here's the breakdown, according to Kroger:

    Kroger said on Twitter that the surcharge is "designed to save our customers money versus the ATM fees, and it gives you a safer and more convenient way to get the cash you need."

    But that wasn't enough to satisfy some customers, who said they'll be looking for other grocers.

    A spokesperson for Kroger told KUOW that EBT cards are an exception to the rule: it's free to get cash back using an EBT card.

    So, how can you avoid fees for cash back? Try to stick to your bank's ATMs, or shop at stores that aren't adding surcharges for cash-back.