Q13 News viewer helps Olympia business threatened over Pride flag

OLYMPIA, Wash. - One Q13 News viewer was able to turn a story about hate into a story about love by helping repair a business that owners say was damaged and targeted because of their pride flag.

In early October, Q13 News reported the family-owned business Gatsby Parlour de Beaute was dealing with vandalism. Someone posted a hateful letter on the salon's window about its Pride flag, and a few days later someone smashed the  window.

On the night of the Q13 News report, Seth Landau, a viewer, called the station and said he wanted to help the folks at Gatsby.

“When I watched this story, I just started weeping historically. I knew I had to do something. I was drawn to this,” he said.

Landau not only paid for a new $1,600 window out of his own pocket, he also got Gatsby a security system.

“There is nothing better in the world than making the world a better place for other people,” said Landau.

On Saturday, after weeks of talking with each other, Landau met the owner of Gatsby.

“It was very heartwarming to know that someone, a stranger that we didn’t know was looking after us, and watching our backs,” said Jesse Floch.

Floch is part owner of Gatsby.

His business is not just a beauty parlor, but it also offers a safe space for anyone in the community who needs help. That’s why he says what happened to his business back in October is so heartbreaking. But he says Landau’s act of love and support toward people he never met outshines that hatred.

“That enough is enough power to change the world,” said Floch.

Landau also donated $500 to Gatsby to assist in their safe space efforts in the community.