Puyallup Schools avoid teacher layoffs

PUYALLUP, WA - The Puyallup School District announced this week they will not cut any tenured teacher positions for next year, and also plan to bring back 61 teachers to fill positions needed to meet state requirements.

To continue to receive money from the state, schools are working to keep class sizes of kindergarten to third grade at 17 students or lower.

Puyallup school officials say to do that, they will need to bring back 61 teachers, which will give some single year contract teachers a chance at another year on the job.

“It’s absolutely a win-win for all of us,” said Karen McNamara.

McNamara is the President of the Puyallup Education Association. She says they’re always happy to see when more teachers get to stay in the district.

“I’ll never tell you it’s not a good thing the win for that is not just for my teachers, it’s also for our students,” she said.

Parents of Puyallup School District children say they’re happy the district is investing in focusing on the education of younger students.

“Good teachers are hard to find,” said Davey Jones a parent of a three Puyallup School District students.

Leah Scott says she volunteered in her daughter’s class and knows how difficult it can be when there are too many kids in one room.

“I wish they could have the smaller class sizes in fourth through sixth as well, but I get that it’s more important for “k” through three,” said Scott.

Puyallup school officials say with dozens of teachers retiring this year, they hope to keep on as many current teachers as possible into the next school year.