Puyallup police seek public's help in solving cold case

PUYALLUP -- It was Sept. 17, 1992.  14-year-old Misty Copsey and a friend were dropped off at the Puyallup Fair. They were supposed to take the bus home but they missed it.

Misty called her mom and said she would get a ride with a friend - but she never came home.  Later that year, police found Misty's pants, underwear and socks off Highway 410 near Enumclaw but after that, the trail went cold.

“It’s heart wrenching.  No one wants their loved one to be missing for this long and not be able to know what happened to them,” said Detective Don Bourbon.

Puyallup Police are now re-opening the case asking anyone who went to the Fair that September to look through their pictures and home videos.

“We’re hoping people will say they were there that night and took some pictures of their family.  She may be in the background or someone she’s with may be in the background,” said Det. Bourbon.

After 21 years, Misty's mother is hopeful this new phase of the investigation will help solve her daughter's disappearance.

“Someone that saw Misty if they recognize her and saw her getting into a car or anything they could tell us it would help,” said Diane Smith, Misty’s mother.

Police say there are currently no persons of interest in the case, although they did polygraph and question an 18-year-old male friend of Misty's who they believe she called for a ride home.  Her mother still feels that he knows what happened to her daughter.

“I want him caught and he knows who he is.  She was very bright, very funny very talented.  She can’t just be thrown away and forgotten about,” said Smith.

Photos and videos police are seeking would include other fair-goers in the images that were not with your known party or family.  The main musical attraction for the evening was Huey Lewis & The News.

Any information can be emailed to Detective D. Bourbon (donb@ci.puyallup.wa.us) or mailed to 311 W. Pioneer Puyallup, WA 98371: Attention Detective Bourbon.