Puyallup pilot program supports downtown businesses and expands outdoor dining

The City of Puyallup unveiled a list of restaurants that will offer outdoor dining through its parklet pilot program this spring and summer.

Those businesses include:

  1. Anthem Coffee & Tea - 210 W Pioneer #101
  2. CaskCades - 106A N Meridian
  3. The Forum - 208 S Meridian
  4. Mingle - 120 S Meridian
  5. Perry’s - 105 S Meridian
  6. The Rose Restaurant - 122 W Main
  7. Wicked Pie Pizza - 112 S Meridian

The owner of Wicked Pie Pizza added their own personal touch to the outdoor patio set-up. Including red umbrellas, hanging lights and bright flowers.

"I love it," said Tera Johnson. "I mean who doesn’t want to sit outside when it’s a beautiful day!"

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"It just feels a little bit safer, you know, with the whole Covid thing it feels less limited," said Tara Cox. "We can be out here and talk and feel a little bit more safe."

Co-owner Mary Anderson of Wicked Pie Pizza said her restaurant survived the winter thanks to the city-provided parklet.

"It really saved us. We could seat up to five tables outdoors and we actually had waiting list for people because they wanted to still be able to go out and enjoy dinner instead of just takeout," said Anderson.

The City of Puyallup designed and built the parklets using Cares Act funding. A spokesperson for the city said it was important to them to give back to the businesses during this tough time.

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"They are the backbone of the local economy, and if they’re not doing well then we have a vested interest to help them along and lift up," said Eric Johnson, Public Affairs Office for the City of Puyallup.

The co-owner of Caskcades AJ Wiltrout said their business focuses on craft beer, so the parklet was decorated with that in mind.

"We added our own hops and some little things in here, trying to make sure that our beer roots are showing even out here on the parklet," said Wiltrout. "It’s been a big boom for us especially rolling back into Phase Two. Having the opportunity to have additional seating and as we kind of get into the summer months here, I think that people are going to be really excited to be able to sit outside."

The parklet pilot program is scheduled to end on October 31, but there is a vested interest from both the City of Puyallup and local businesses to continue the program especially if COVID restrictions are still in place.

Johnson said the parklet pilot program is just one of four outdoor retail and dining programs available to the public. Click here to learn more about the other programs on the City of Puyallup website.

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