Puyallup mom warns neighbors of home intruder

PUYALLUP, Wash. - A Puyallup mom is warning her community to lock their doors after she says she caught video of an intruder breaking into her home and stealing from her.

Jessica Stone says on two separate occasions, money disappeared from her home. She says she didn’t think much of it, but she still set up a security camera in her kitchen.

What the camera captured is something Stone says she did not expect to see.

“Who just walks into somebody’s house, while somebody is sleeping; that is not ok,” she said.

Video from Stone’s surveillance shows a man walking around her kitchen. She says it happened around 11:30 p.m. while she, her husband, and her two teenage children were upstairs sleeping.

“Try to go back to sleep after that,” she said.

Stone called the police.

She also posted the video to Facebook.

“We wanted to let everybody know to make sure that even if you feel safe, and you’ve been somewhere for 12 years, somebody can still come into your side gate and walk in your sliding glass door,” she said.

The post has been shared nearly 200 times, and the video has nearly 13k views.

Stone says in total, the crook only got away with about $150 total, but that’s not the point of sharing her story.

“I think a lot of people will be locking their doors. That is why we decided to share it,” she said.

She also hopes getting the word out there will prevent this person from continuing to break into people's homes.