Pullman PD says officers will enforce mask mandate

Police in Pullman say they'll be enforcing the statewide mask mandate and social distancing rules as some students return to Washington State University's campus for the upcoming school year. 

"Violations of the Governor’s proclamations not only put the violator’s health at risk, but the health of our entire community," Pullman Police said in a news release. "We implore everyone to abide by Governor Inslee’s declarations. It is the right thing to do for you; it is the right thing to do for your community. We are in this together, and Pullman Police officers are here to help in keeping our community members safe and healthy."

Police will be on the lookout for people not wearing masks, people not following social distancing orders and groups of more than 10 people gathering. 

Mask and social distancing violations are misdemeanors, police said, and Pullman city code also makes them civil infractions. 

"Governor Inslee’s proclamations were issued to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. There is no question that the proclamations have caused a significant disruption in all of our lives, but the trade-off is the health and safety of our community. The Pullman community has stepped up with voluntary compliance and we are all working together to support our local businesses," police said. 

Police say WSU students who violate the mandates will be reported to the university and could face additional disciplinary action. 

Business violations are not handled by local law enforcement, Pullman PD said. Those are reported to the state.