Public radio station KUOW announces plans to purchase KPLU

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle-based public radio station KUOW has announced plans to buy KPLU in an $8 million deal.

The University of Washington station, known for National Public Radio content, will buy the KPLU broadcasting licenses from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma.

Pacific Lutheran University spokeswoman Donna Gibbs said Thursday the deal from more than a decade of talks about how to better serve public radio listeners in the Puget Sound region.

Eventually, the KPLU station will change from news and jazz to all jazz music. No decision reportedly has been made about KPLU news staff and their jobs going forward.

The purchase involves $7 million in cash and $1 million of underwriting announcements over 10 years.

University of Washington regents will have to approve the purchase, as will the Federal Communications Commission.