Public Health Correction: Man with measles visited public areas in King County on Jan. 28 instead of Jan. 29

PORT ANGELES, Wash. -- Clallam County Health and Human Services  said Friday that a local man diagnosed with highly contagious measles earlier this week visited several public areas in Clallam and King Counties. The sites and times are listed below.

He visited these public areas between Monday, Jan. 26, and Friday, Jan. 30.

Most people in our community are immune to measles, so public risk of contracting measles is low except for people who are not vaccinated or are not old enough to have been exposed to measles as a child.

Measles is highly contagious and can cause severe illness with rash, fever, cough, eye irritation, and can be fatal in rare instances.  Transmission can occur before the person with measles becomes ill and develops a rash.  Close contacts of the Clallam County measles case have been notified of their exposure and have been evaluated for immunity.

Anyone who was in one of the following locations during the indicated times may have been exposed to measles:

Clallam County



        King County:

          Clallam County said that anyone who was in any of these locations at the listed times should find out if they have been vaccinated for measles or have had measles previously.  Everyone born before 1957 is presumed to have had measles and is immune.

          People who are un-vaccinated, aren’t sure if they’re immune, and develop an illness with fever or unexplained rash should consult a health care professional immediately. It is very important for them to call ahead to their clinic, doctor’s office, or emergency room before arriving to prevent people in the waiting room to be exposed to measles.

          The state Department of Health immunization program has online information about measles and measles vaccine at: