Protesters say oil trains shouldn't be allowed during games

SEATTLE -- It’s a disaster waiting to happen. That’s what protesters say about oil trains running right past the stadiums in SoDo. They staged a rally outside the Mariners game to raise awareness about the possible danger.

Thousands of people turned out to see the Mariners tonight. According to protesters, they were all putting their lives on the line, probably without realizing it.

“It isn't like it's been on the front page of the Seattle times with a map of the stadiums and where the oil is transported,” says Beth DeRooy.

But trains full of highly volatile baaken crude oil are running through Seattle now, and the tracks are close to Safeco Field.

“Trains are running past the stadium during games,” says David Perk. “We saw that on Monday, we have seen that back in April, and we know that it's happening at other times as well.”

Protesters are scared of a derailment or explosion like the one in Canada just two years ago. 47 people died in that accident.

“That was well publicized and the same thing could happen here,” says DeRooy.

“It is such high time that we put a stop to this,” says Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant, who joined the protesters today. But she doesn’t have the power to change when or where the trains run.

“The governor doesn't really have the power to stop the trains, nor does the county executive, nor does the mayor,” says Perk.

But he hopes if enough people start to pressure the federal government, changes will be made.

“A disaster in this area with this number of people in an open air stadium, with no evacuation plan that I’m aware of, would be really catastrophic.”