Protesters march in Seattle after Kavanaugh named Supreme Court justice

SEATTLE -- Hundreds marched through the streets of Seattle Saturday in protest against newly named Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The protest started as a rally in Westlake Park. It then turned into a march through the city’s streets. Protesters eventually made their way to the federal courthouse, where they staged on the front stairs.

“It’s like a slap in the face, especially to women, but especially to people who have experienced sexual assault,” said Cameo Letham, a protester at the rally.

Letham says sexual assault is a topic she unfortunately is too familiar with.

“I wanted to participate as a survivor of sexual assault,” she said.

Letham marched with hundreds of others through Seattle.

A handful of people shared their stories of experiencing sexual assault.

Protesters say they feel as if the government is not hearing their voice. They say they will make sure their voices are heard come election time.

Seattle Police were on seen for the entire protest.

It was a relatively peaceful protest, and Q13 News did not see any arrests. However, Seattle Police did intervene between protesters and a small group of people in opposition.