Protesters aim to have message heard by ‘privileged residents of North Seattle’

A rally in North Seattle on Friday night was geared towards making sure protesters' message reached all corners of Seattle.

Organizers stressed that this movement is a marathon, not a sprint. Hundreds of people gathered in Magnuson Park where speakers discussed the importance of consistency, power in numbers, and speaking with a single voice. 

“When we come out here we’re not just coming out here to scream ‘black lives matter.’ We’re here to get things done. We’re here to educate, motivate, and inspire. Just to have the community come out here and be part of this, this is consistency, and when you’re consistent in a game that takes a long time, you end up getting results,” said one organizer. 

Another organizer and member of “The Engage Team” spoke about the significance of holding the rally in North Seattle.

“I think it’s very easy for the rich wealthy individuals here to kind of ignore the situation of what’s occurring, there seems to be a lot of protests downtown and it’s important we have protests all over Seattle. There’s a lot of taxpayers here they have a lot of influence in the local government, so we just want to make it that everyone feels that they’re somewhat accountable for this collective community that we’re trying to create.”

Protesters said they’re here to stay. They say they’ll continue to remain peaceful and respectful, but they’re not going anywhere.