Protecting yourself online from cyber crooks

Cybersecurity experts are urging people to protect themselves in the online world.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the opportunities for cyber criminals to take advantage of soft spots are real.

A big chunk of the workforce is now working from home and video conferencing with coworkers and clients.

Schools have quickly moved their teaching curriculum to online platforms.

“The worst thing you can have is somebody, something inappropriate appear in the back of a teacher’s Zoom meeting or somebody screaming or something like that and that’s happened,” said Ron Culler with ADT Cybersecurity.

Culler is the senior director of technology and solutions and said there are simple safeguards hosts can set up in platforms like Zoom.

“Set a password so they can have the Meeting ID but they also have to have the password,” said Culler. “With Zoom you even have the ability to allow participants in, so you can have them sit in a waiting area then allow them.”

Culler said don’t post online meetings publicly, and don’t post any personal information to social media.

“The social media quizzes. Stop it. Just stop it. If you look at those and you look at the password protection questions when you fill out a form… What’s your mother’s maiden name? What street did you live on? What was your first car? That is a hacker’s dream,” said Culler.

Culler said most of all be aware of the tricks cybersecurity criminals try to use, including people’s generosity during this pandemic.

“They’re taking full advantage of a shortage of PPE, the want to donate money to causes, charities organizations,” said Culler ,who said to do your homework before donating to charitable causes.

Don’t click on links on social media and keep your home activity separate from your business activity on the web, Culler said.