Prosecutor won't seek death penalty against man accused of killing 3 men here

SEATTLE (AP) — King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg  says he won't seek the death penalty against Ali Muhammad Brown, who authorities say claimed to have committed killings in Seattle and New Jersey in 2014 to protest U.S. foreign policy.

Brown was recently sentenced to more than 36 years in prison in New Jersey after being convicted of robbery and other crimes, and he's awaiting trial there for the death of a 19-year-old motorist. Following that case he's expected to be returned to Washington, where he's accused of killing a man in Skyway and two young men outside a Seattle gay nightclub.

Satterberg announced Friday that he won't seek the death penalty against Brown. He said in a news release he made the decision after an extensive review of the case and consultation with the victims' families.

The only other potential sentence is life without parole.