Principal: Vandals hit Seattle school twice in less than a week

SEATTLE -- Teachers and staff cleaned up broken glass after someone broke out nearly a dozen windows at St. Edward School in the Rainier Valley neighborhood.

"It's shocking because it is a Catholic school and you wouldn't expect anything like that from here," said parent Aldrin Cornel.

Around 4:00 Monday morning, a neighbor called police after he heard noise and saw someone driving away from the school.

On the side of the cafeteria, police found nine broken windows. Another window at the front door of the school was also smashed in.

"Our top priority is always to keep the kids as safe as possible and that's what we are going to be doing,” said Principal Mary Lundeen.

Just last week, Principal Lundeen says someone threw several rocks through another glass door.

“We just assumed it was vandalism and again hoping it was an isolated incident and that’s turning out to not be the case,” said Lundeen.

School officials are now taking additional security measures.