Prices set to increase on Washington State Ferries

SEATTLE -- The Washington Transportation Commission has approved a fare hike for the state's ferry system.

The Daily Herald reports a 2.9 percent boost in fares for small- and standard-sized vehicles and increases ranging from 0.8 percent to 1.8 percent for oversized vehicles depending on their length will be set in place October 1. Fares for passengers will go up 2.1 percent.

The commissioners also set 2018 fare increases, with the price for small- and standard-sized vehicles set to go up an additional 2.5 percent and fare for passengers an additional 2.1 percent.

Fares are climbing because state lawmakers required Washington State Ferries to come up with additional $8.4 million in revenue for its day-to-day operations in the 2017-19 biennium.