Priceless piece of Seattle music history stolen as Old Rainier Brewery burglarized again

SEATTLE -- For the second time in less than a month, the Old Rainier Brewery has been burglarized.

The first time it was expensive guitars, this time it’s irreplaceable Seattle grunge memorabilia.

Just after 6:00pm Friday (October 9, 2015) evening the thief walks straight into the building, took his time collecting everything of value and walked right out the front door.

Surveillance video caught the crook in the act.

He punches a hole through a wall and climbs through it to get to valuables in the office.

Owner Charlie Lorme says the guy took off with a couple thousand dollars’ worth of office equipment and supplies, and a platinum copy of Alice In Chain’s 1992 album ‘Dirt’ – a gift from the band’s bassist Mike Starr.

“It means a lot to me and my wife. It's a drag when somebody violates your whole thing and ransacks your office and for what?” Lorme asked somberly.

Three weeks ago Charlie’s cameras caught another crook on video. A thief cleaned out a rented space in the SODO building, swiping three expensive guitars from a band. They were eventually found in a stolen car.

Charlie is offering a $500 reward to any info that will reunite him with his stolen property.