Pregnant woman shot at Seattle bus stop survives, but unborn child dies

SEATTLE -- A group of people at a south Seattle bus stop ran for cover when bullets started flying early Friday morning.

One of those bullets, however, struck a 19-year-old pregnant woman sitting on a bench.

“We were sitting there talking and her baby's dad was like, 'Who is that walking all slow across the street?' And we all looked,” witness Kaliyah Farris said.

That’s when the bullets flew. Farris escaped the barrage of gunshots but her cousin Tedra Paige did not.

“I fell down. Tedra fell on top of me and she said, 'I'm hit, I'm hit,'” Farris said.

Tedra’s uncle, Anson Thomas, said she was five months pregnant and the bullet pierced her stomach.

As if addressing the unknown gunman, Thomas said, “Hey, you shot a baby, you know what I am saying? Not just a person, you shot a baby!"

We caught up with Thomas hours after the first time Q13 FOX News spoke with him to check on Tedra’s condition.

Thomas called Tedra's sister at the hospital and found out his niece will pull through.
But Thomas said the baby did not survive. It's news he hoped not to hear and now he has a message for the killer.

“You need to come forward, you killed a little baby!” Thomas said.

Police don’t have a good description of the gunman yet. They are still trying to track down anyone who may know anything.

“She got out of my car and next morning I find out she got shot.  I feel awful,” Lavonya Walker said.

Walker added that she was supposed to give Tedra a ride Thursday night but her car broke down at the last minute. That's why Tedra ended up at the bus stop with her boyfriend and a group of friends.

“It’s so tragic, wrong place, wrong time,” Thomas said.

Family members don’t have a motive but they don’t believe the pregnant teen or her boyfriend were the intended targets.

“He's not a gang member, she’s not a gang member, they are just kids,” Thomas said.

Harborview Medical Center on Friday confirmed that Paige is in serious condition.

South Seattle residents say they are fed up with the shootings. Some placed flowers near the crime scene.