'Potent storm on its way': Strong winds to slam into Western Washington on Wednesday

SEATTLE -- The second of our three consecutive storm systems moves into Western Washington on Wednesday, with strong winds and heavy rain.

The wind starts at the beach during the morning hours and will make it into the Seattle metro area by mid-morning, Q13 Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said. Gusts at the coast and the Bellingham area will jump to 50 mph. Gusts for the metro area, including Everett and Tacoma, will have gusts up to 35 mph.

"There will most certainly be stronger gusts, especially around Whidbey Island and the Mountains. It looks like the peak winds will be from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.," Kelley said.

The National Weather Service said Sea-Tac International Airport delays are possible.

The rains will be most intense at the beach and the Olympics during the morning hours. The heaviest rainfall for the metro are will be during the evening hours, with a peak overnight into Thursday morning. This night time period could see an inch of rain for Everett, Seattle and Tacoma, with some urban flooding.

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Thursday and Friday will have passing squalls with isolated thunderstorms and some much-needed sun breaks to clear your drains.

Late Friday night into Saturday morning looks stormy again. Another very sloppy period for sure.

Wet, sloppy conditions this week could make commutes a real mess

What about the weekend?

Plenty of showers, a chance of thunderstorms, and sunbreaks Friday.

Saturday a weather system (Similar to Wednesday) with heavy rain and strong wind will impact the area.

Utility crews, residents preparing for first series of fall storms

How can I prepare?

Again this year, Q13 News is partnering with Take Winter By Storm, a public-private effort between King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, Seattle City Lights, the National Weather Service and other utilities and retailers, to get you ready for storm season.

The organization has tips to help you prepare for storms and access to a number of checklists to help you and your family before, during and after a winter storm.

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Take Winter By Storm is reminding the public to clear any storm drains of leaves that might clog it -- creating urban flooding in neighborhood streets. Also, check your gutters as clogs could create flooding around your home.

Also, think about having an emergency kit in your home if the power goes out.

"But some good news," Kelley said. "All of next week looks NICE!!!"