Portland radio station changing 'insensitive' billboard in Chinatown

PORTLAND (KPTV) -- A radio station said they weren't trying to disrespect anyone with the use of a quote on a billboard overlooking Portland's Chinatown.

That quote, however, is being changed.

The billboard says, "We love you long time." It was posted near Northwest Third and Couch Street by FM News 101 KXL.

After the billboard began generating negative attention online over the weekend, station executives issued a statement Monday saying the message would be changed.

"It's a famous quote from an old rap song, we thought it would get attention but in no way meant disrespect to anyone," the station said in a statement sent to FOX 12. "This was a decision from the marketing and programming department. However, after our news department came to us and said they believed it to be insensitive, we decided to change the message. That change is in process now."

The new billboard will say "Stay connected, my friends," according to KXL.

The original quote originates from the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket as a line delivered by a prostitute to American military members serving in Vietnam. It was also used in a controversial song by rap group 2 Live Crew in the late 1980s.

FOX 12 spoke to people in the area Monday about the billboard. Some didn't get the reference, while others said they had no problem with it. Still, others said it wasn't very well thought out.

"There's something off base, off base in terms of location, and in terms of the necessary respect you pay to someone," said Louis Lee.