Port of Seattle CEO to step down

SEATTLE -- The Port of Seattle's CEO Tay Yoshitani announced Tuesday at a regularly scheduled commission meeting that he will step down from his post in June, citing the need for a

"fresh perspective."

Yoshitani's contract is up in June, and he will not seek to renew his working contract with the port, he said.

Yoshitani joined the Port of Seattle as its CEO in March 2007. As the CEO, he carries out policies set by the Port Commission. He previously served as the senior adviser to the National Association of Waterfront Employers.

In a Sept. 20, 2012 Op-Ed in the Seattle Times, state Senator Adam Kline, D- Seattle, called for Yoshitani to step down because of a conflict of interest. The CEO received a base-salary of more than $350,000 each year.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.