Police warn of prank child abduction scam targeting parents in western Washington

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, Wash. -- Police are warning parents of a prank child abduction scheme that is targeting parents.

According to the Gray Harbor County Sheriff's Office, a Central Park man called says he received an alarming phone call Tuesday morning claiming that his daughter had been abducted.

He told deputies that he received a phone call shortly after 11 a.m. with a girl in the background crying "daddy, daddy."

The caller then addressed him by his first name and said, "I have your daughter, if you want her..." before the line disconnected.

Authorities traced the call to a disconnected number in Mexico: +52 6563227320.

Deputies say similar calls have been made to parents in Aberdeen and Thurston County. In some of the calls, the suspect identified himself as Batman and asked for a ransom.