Police use Taser, gunfire, rubber bullets to subdue knife-wielding man in U District

SEATTLE -- A member of the Seattle Police Department's 'Crisis Intervention Team' fired Thursday at a knife-wielding man in the U District, but missed and hit a building.  A SWAT team later fired rubber bullets and got the suspect to surrender.

Officers were called to the 5800 block of Roosevelt Way NE to a report of a man waving around two large fixed-blade knives, the SPD said.

The Seattle police Crisis Intervention Team and University of Washington police officers caught up with the man in a courtyard in the 4200 block of Roosevelt Way NE.

The suspect had dropped one of his knives, SPD said, but continued to brandish the other.

"Seattle CIT officers tried verbal de-escalation techniques but couldn’t convince the man to set down his weapon," SPD said.  A UW police officer attempted to use a Taser on the man, but  "this did not have the desired effect," SPD said.

Instead, the suspect threatened the officers with the knife, police said.

"One of the Seattle CIT officers fired once at him. The bullet missed, causing property damage to a nearby building, but no injuries.

"Instead of surrendering, the suspect took off running down a nearby alley. The suspect was hiding behind a dumpster when SWAT officers caught up to him.

"Realizing that the suspect was effectively corralled, SWAT officers ordered the man to surrender. When he refused, they fired rubber bullets at him. This tactic achieved its purpose and the suspect gave up," SPD said.

Seattle Fire medics evaluated and treated the suspect for minor injuries. Officers then transported him to the North Precinct for questioning.

The CIT officer involved in the shooting will be on paid administrative leave, in accordance with department procedure, SPD said.