Police: Serial robber may be responsible for half-dozen crimes spanning 3 months, 2 counties

BELLINGHAM -- Cops believe a serial robber has struck again, this time hitting a hardware store in Whatcom County.

The latest incident happened at the Fairhaven WFC True Value hardware store on Sunday night. This time the gunman didn’t bother hiding his face and cameras snapped an image that police said gives them their best view of the suspect.

“In this situation, other than wearing a ball cap he didn’t have his face masked,” said Bob VanderYacht with Bellingham Police. “You can see that he’s got a gray beard, gray hair.”

It was just about closing time when cops said the crook guy forced an employee to empty the cash register, and then corralled everybody into the back of the store.

“He has displayed a firearm in these robberies and creates a lot of fear,” said VanderYacht.

Back on November 9, investigators believe the same man hit Manpies in downtown Bellingham.

“He made us walk slowly,” said clerk Maya Briller. “He made us put our hands down and walk naturally to the front of the store.”

And only two days prior to that, detectives believe the same man held up Westside Pizza in a similar fashion, but that time the crook wore a mask.

Then on November 30, detectives believe the same gunman robbed Lafeens Doughnuts in Burlington. But that time the clerk fought back.

“I’d rather say that at least I tried, tried fighting him,” said Sara Mora, “I could put up a fight.”

Mora clobbered the man over and over again with a napkin dispenser, and in the process pulled down his hood and exposed his face.

Bellingham Police said the robber might have a get away driver during Sunday’s hold-up. Cameras caught a fuzzy image of a car they believe is connected to the robbery.

Investigators are confident the same man is responsible for the crime wave spanning 2 counties.

“We certainly feel there’s a relationship between all 6 of the robberies, even extending to Skagit County,” said VanderYacht.

Cops describe the robber as a white man somewhere in his 50’s or 60’s with gray hair and a facial hair.

If you know the identity of the suspect call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.