Police seek public's help locating driver in fatal hit-and-run

SEATTLE -- Suzanne Herndon was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Des Moines almost a year ago, and detectives are now releasing video that shows a witness who may be able to help identify the driver that struck Herndon.

Police are also interested in a white truck that is shown in the video as it is believed to be the vehicle that struck Herndon.

Dash cam video from a Des Moines police car caught the aftermath of the accident. Herndon was hit in a crosswalk and knocked into the middle of the intersection.

"We've looked at all the surrounding businesses, up and down 7th Avenue and Marine View Drive," detective Mike Thomas said.  "We can see in the video there were several pedestrians trying to tend to Ms. Herndon."

Thomas said they have been able to track down and interview witnesses that night, outside of one woman that is seen on the video.

"She's kind of walking back with an employee, and she's still standing there obviously showing some concern. Whether she's a witness, we just don't know at this point, but she's definitely somebody we want to talk to," Thomas said.

When firefighters arrived that night to help Herndon, the officer on the scene asked people to back up and that's when the woman moves off-camera, but then reappears and heads toward a white pickup truck. She then drives down an access road behind the Red Robin and, a few seconds later, the truck drives by the scene.

Detectives are hoping someone can tell them who the woman is.

"We're just trying to learn as much as we can to figure out who's responsible for this," Thomas said.

If you know who this woman is, call Des Moines police or Crime Stoppers at: 800-222-TIPS. Your call will remain anonymous.