Police, security patrols increasing after violent weekend at Sound Transit facilities

SEATTLE -- Security and police officers are beefing up their presence at all of Seattle’s downtown Link Light Rail stations after a series of violent incidents over the weekend.

A man was stabbed Saturday on board a light rail train and Friday night three men were shot inside the Westlake Light Rail station. One of the victims died.

By Monday many uniformed Seattle Police officers could be seen patrolling around Westlake Park in cruisers and on bicycles.

A spokesperson for Seattle Police says the agency is deliberately making their presence known after the weekend’s violence.

“There’s going to be an increased presence,” said Sound Transit spokesperson John Gallagher.

Seattle Police have also been walking emphasis patrols in the area in an effort to crack down on crime but the violence still rocked transit riders.

“I was like really shocked,” said transit rider Elizabeth Duncan. “Stuff like this can happen anywhere, you just got to be cautious.”

As police search for a murder suspect Sound Transit says the beefed-up patrols will last for several weeks.

Seattle Police says their detectives are still looking for the man in the caught on surveillance video in connection to Saturday’s shooting.

If you know him or his location, you’re urged to call a tip at (206)233-5000