Police: Second jogger reports attack near Green Lake

SEATTLE – The Seattle Police Department says a second person has come forward to say they were grabbed by a stranger while running near the Ravenna neighborhood.

Q13 News first shared the scary details first when one of its own employees told police she was assaulted by a stranger. Now investigators say another woman has stepped forward to say she was also a victim.

Investigators say they aren’t certain if the two incidents are connected or if they were committed by different people.

“I feel really bad,” said runner Mande McKinney. “I saw the first person’s story who came forward and she sounded like she loved running and this is a man who added fear to what she loved and that’s really unfair.”

McKinney says she now runs only during the daylight hours – and as the summer season comes to a close, the daylight hours are quickly growing shorter.

“It’s frustrating,” she said. “I wish that it didn’t have to be that way but you have to do what you have to do.”

“Endorphins were definitely kicking,” said Maria Ball who first reported the incident last week.

Ball reported to police Friday that a stranger wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans attacked her on Ravenna Boulevard. She told detectives he put his arms around her and then groped her.

After Ball made her story public, Seattle Police say another woman reported a similar instance about a week prior – it’s enough to spur other runners to change up their habits.

“I’m running at different times of day,” said McKinney.

Once detectives interview the second victim, they may be able to determine a more compelling description of the attacker. Until then, joggers are urged to keep their eyes peeled for anyone acting suspiciously.