Police searching for man suspected of stealing packages from front of homes

BELLEVUE, Wash. --  You bought something online and you get an email that says it’s been delivered.  You check your front porch and no package.  It’s not a clerical error, but on the Eastside it could be someone stealing your goods.

“He’s so brazen -- he just walks up to someone’s front door,” said theft victim Frieda Chan.

In home surveillance video, Chan saw a man walking up with two packages in his hands along with a clipboard.

“He walks up to a house like he’s delivering packages and then he steals the package,” said Bellevue police officer Seth Tyler.

In this case, he picks up two Amazon packages before he turns away.

“When we did see the video we had to go through it a few times because we didn’t believe it was him until we were like, oh, he did take the package,” said Chan.

“We know he’s been doing this before because we have several cases of surveillance video of his car or surveillance video of him doing this,” said Tyler.

Tyler believes this man struck a couple of homes in Bellevue along with Redmond.   It appears the suspect also looks the same in all cases --a white man in his 30s with closely cropped hair and facial stubble and driving what appears to be the same vehicle.

“He’s not driving a delivery truck. He’s driving an older four-door Volvo sedan with a spoiler,” said Tyler.

Police say he’s hit at least four times.

“We need to get him identified and behind bars,” said Tyler.

Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward if you know him.