Police say owner of 'clean and sober' facilities dealing meth, heroin, marijuana

EVERETT – The owner of several clean and sober residential facilities was  arrested Tuesday on charges that he’s dealing drugs.

The DEA said Timothy Rehberg, 50, was caught selling methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. Rehberg owns and operates the “I.C. Clean People” chain of recovery housing.

The investigation into Rehberg began in December, when a witness told police he was dealing drugs. Somebody working with police made four drug purchases from him.

When police searched his office in Everett, they say the found a pound of cystal methamphetamine, a quarter pound of heroin, small amounts of oxycodone, methadone and marijuana and a .38 caliber revolver.

They said they’ve also found a marijuana grow operation on a farm he owns in Everett.