Police say man kills his ex-wife, arrested after gun battle

EVERETT - Everett Police say a 59 year-old Arlington man killed his ex-wife at her work Friday morning.

About two hours later multiple officers ended up in a gun battle with the murder suspect.

The two separate crime scenes in Everett leading to a multi-agency investigation.

“Domestic violences are very dangerous in general,” Deputy Chief John DeRouss with Everett Police said.

Everett Police say a man showed up to Achilles around 8 a.m. on 80th Street SW and shot his ex-wife.

Officers found the woman in her 50’s on the ground outside the plastics manufacturing plant. They gave her CPR but it was too late.

“We were interviewing multiple people out there that some way had seen this happen so I am hoping as a business they are doing something to help those people as well,” DeRouss said.

To help coworkers who witnessed such a traumatic incident.

The alleged killer got away in a 2005 red Corvette but not for long.

About 10 miles away from the homicide scene, Everett police say one of their officers spotted the sports car near downtown Everett. Officers caught up to the suspect on McDougall Avenue.

“I heard shots all at once about,” said one witness.

Multiple shots pierced through the neighborhood.

“The suspect shot at officers and multiple officers returned fire,” Kristin Banfield with SMART said.

Banfield says 6 Everett police officers and one Snohomish County Deputy fired back. Despite the intense exchange, the suspect was not hit by bullet.

“The suspect then exited his vehicle was hit by a less lethal round and then was transported to Providence,” Banfield said.

Officials say they found a handgun in the front passenger seat of the vehicle along with a magazine. It is unclear if that same handgun was used in the homicide.

Residents nearby say they are relieved that none of the bullets hit homes or bystanders nearby.

“I am thankful they stopped the suspect,” resident Rosemary Britt said.