Police recover 60 stolen bikes from 'chop shop' in Edmonds: Is one of them yours?

SEATTLE -- Police found at least 60 stolen bicycles at a suspected chop shop in Edmonds -- and they want to know if one of them is yours.

The investigation began when detectives received a tip from a man who had found his stolen bike for sale on Craigslist.org.

A detective contacted the seller and posed as an interested buyer, then arrested the seller when he found the bike was stolen.

Police said the seller told them he frequently sold stolen bikes at a home in Edmonds in the 21000 block of 80th Avenue West. Police went there and found "a huge stash of bicycles sitting out in the yard," the Seattle Police Department blotter said.

Police seized 60 bicycles from the home, where officers believe a resident was running a chop shop, breaking down and rebuilding bikes to sell online, the blotter said.

"If you believe one of the bikes posted on the blotter belongs to you, email Scotty.Bach(at)Seattle.gov and include the number of the pictured bike. In order to claim your bike, you will need to provide proof of ownership, like a purchase receipt, case number related to the bike or photo clearly showing you with the bike."

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