Police records show rapes nearly doubled in Capitol Hill in 2018

SEATTLE - Seattle Police records show, so far this year, there have been 24 rapes reported in Capitol Hill. In comparison, there were 13 rapes reported in 2017 in Capitol Hill.

The Seattle Police Crime Dashboard shows most Seattle neighborhoods report rapes in the single digits.

“I’m surprised to hear that. I tend to think of Capitol Hill as a very safe neighborhood,” said Sarah Weiler who lives in Capitol Hill.

The #MeToo movement started about a year ago. Officials with the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center say this year they have received 20% more calls.

Numbers on the SPD dashboard shows no other neighborhood in the city had as large of an increase in rapes as Capitol Hill.

Q13 reached out to Seattle Police in regard to the increase in rapes in Capitol Hill, if they are aware of the increase, and if they are doing anything new because of it.

However, they did not respond.

You can look at crimes in your neighborhood by using the Seattle Police Dashboard.