Police: Over 20 arrests made during protest march to Seattle Police Officers Guild

Seattle Police arrested more than 22 protesters after demonstrators and officers clashed outside the Seattle Police Officers Guild on Monday. 

Police say many people threw explosives, rocks and bear spray at officers during the altercations. Those arrested, SPD said, were for arson, assault, obstructing and failure to disperse. 

Protesters marched to the Seattle Police Officers Guild building on 4th Avenue S. in Seattle. Police said in a tweet the officers issued a dispersal order to the crowd around 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Seattle Police also recovered Molotov cocktails outside of the SPOG office that protesters used during the demonstration. SPD also released new officer body camera footage of the demonstrations. 

The large group of demonstrators was seen moving northbound in the southbound lanes of 4th Avenue earlier Monday. 

SPD said after the large group broke up, five more people were been arrested on 14th Ave. S. and Rainier Ave. S. as officers were attempting to impound a vehicle in the area. Officials said no officers were injured during the demonstrations. 

Sound Transit has rerouted several bus routes due to the demonstration. ST Express routes 508 and 512 are not stopping south of N. 45th St. and northbound trips will start and southbound trips with ending at the N. 45th St. stop. 

The demonstration comes in the wake of multiple protests and demonstrations continue across the country. Portland, Oregon has seen over 100 days of demonstrations cause conflict in the downtown area, as protesters and police clash during have clashed during nightly demonstrations.