Police officer says a ghost was captured on camera: What do you think?

ESPANOLA, N.M. -- A police officer in Espanola says he believes the image of a ghost was captured on the police department's surveillance camera, KOAT-TV reported Thursday.

Espanola police officer Karl Romero told the station that he was on duty, keeping an eye on the surveillance cameras around the station when he saw something in the Sally Port.

“At first I thought it was a podilla, a fly or moth, then I saw the legs and it was a human. But not a real human. No. A ghost,” the officer said told KOAT.

Romero reported it and told his supervisors. Detectives showed the media the camera that captured the image. They say there’s no way in or out of the secured area without an open gate and alarm sounding.

Take a look at this footage and you be the judge -- ghost or no?