Police: Murder suspect without car devised gruesome way to transport, dispose of body

SEATTLE -- A 59-year-old suspected of murdering a man and dismembering his body into small, easily transportable pieces in 2011 was arrested Monday, Seattle police said.

Scott Halfhill is suspected of killing Donald Meyer in 2011.

Meyer, a father and guitar player, lived alone in his quiet Ballard apartment, Seattle police said. His family last saw him on June 16, 2011.

His remains were found three weeks later at a recycling center and the Eastlake greenbelt, both times wrapped in a black garbage bag. The extremities of the body were removed with a saw or tool, medical examiners ruled.

According to police, Halfhill was Meyer's roommate at the time he disappeared. After his disappearance, Halfhill allegedly told police he didn't know where Meyer went. However, police noticed carpeting in the apartment had been removed, and some of the walls were freshly painted. Tests on the wall revealed blood was present underneath the paint, documents show.

Police surmised Halfhill killed Meyer, and used a bicycle or foot transport to move his body parts around the Eastlake area because he didn't have access to a car.

Officers issued a warrant for his arrest Friday, and he was spotted Monday night. He was arrested without incident.

Detectives interviewed the suspect following his arrest and booked him into King County Jail on investigation of murder.