Police: Loyal pup chased away burglar despite injuries

SEATTLE -- Police are praising a pup that scared a burglar away from a home in the Mount Baker neighborhood Monday, despite multiple injuries to her paws.

Seattle police received a call around 2 p.m. from a resident in the 4100 block of 43 Avenue South saying a burglar appeared to run from a home next door. The neighbor told dispatchers they saw a man running from the house, spotted a broken window and heard a dog barking frantically.

When police arrived, they heard the dog barking from inside the home and noticed blood spattered on a couch and pooled on the floor of the bathroom. No one was home, police said, and an officer crawled in through the broken window.

Inside, police found a 35-pound whippet/lab mix named Egypt lying on the bathroom floor. Police comforted Egypt, and treated her wounds likely sustained while running on the broken glass to chase out the burglar. Police called Egypt's owner, and reported what happened.

Egypt will undergo surgery, police said, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Egypt's owner said she has always taken her job as a guard dog very seriously.

"She's a fast mountain adventure dog," the owner told police. "making sure everyone is aware when the postal worker has arrived."

The burglar was not caught. Anyone with information on the burglary is encouraged to call 911.